Reply to a Discussion Post

Students and instructors can participate in discussions on BYU Learning Suite through a tool called Digital Dialog.

Note: Replying to a discussion post is different than replying to a discussion prompt. By replying to a discussion post, students are posting a response to an individual’s reply to the original discussion prompt given by the teacher or TA.


Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and click on Digital Dialog.



Step Two:

Click on the title of the discussion you wish to respond to.



Step Three:

Find the discussion response you would like to comment on. Click Reply to respond.



Step Four:

A dialog window will appear. Click +Add video or audio [1] to add an audio or video comment. Click +Add attachment [2] to add a file to your reply. You can type and format your response in the text box [3]. Click Reply to post your response.



Step Five:

Your reply will appear underneath the individual’s original discussion post. Click here to learn how to edit a discussion post. Click here to learn how to delete a discussion post.

Note: Replies to discussion posts will appear in chronological order with the oldest listed first.



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