Self-Report Attendance

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to create an attendance assignment used to track attendance throughout the semester. Instructors can choose to have students self-report attendance.

Step One:

Enter your Learning Suite course and select Assignments from the left navigation menu.

Step Two:

Locate the correct assignment and select Submit, located in the Submission column.

Step Three:

A calendar appears. Class days are listed in blue. There are two options for reporting attendance: attended and absent. The corresponding icons are as follows:

Note: Students cannot report “excused” days. In order to be excused from attendance, your instructor or TA will need to enter the grade.

Click the day you want to report attendance for.

Step Four:

Select whether you attended class or were absent by marking the corresponding icon that appears.

Step Five:

Repeat this process for as many days are needed. Days that have been reported appear with an attended or absent icon beneath the date. Click Save.

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