September 2015 Updates

Updates were made to BYU Learning Suite in the month of September.

Added Save Prompts

  • When radio buttons or drop down menus are changed on any page in Learning Suite and an attempt is made to move to a different page before saving, a prompt will ask whether the change should be saved or not before you proceed to the other page. For example, if you changed the exam option for the number of times a student can take an exam from as many times as they want to a specified number of times and then attempted to navigate to the Reporting page, a prompt will ask if you want to save the changes you made.

Students Able to View Point Value of Questions

  • Students can now see the number of points each question is worth while taking an exam.

Word Count Always Available

  • Open response questions in exams will always provide the word count, regardless of whether or not the instructor selected to use the “max words” option. This is available for both students and instructors while taking an exam.

Additional links to the Combined Schedule

  • A “Combined Schedule” button was added to the bottom of the Current course list for students. This displays a schedule that consolidates assignments and exams from all courses students are currently enrolled in.

  • A “Go to Combined Schedule” button was also added at the bottom of the mini-calendar in the Schedule tab.

Performance and Functionality Improvements to Matching Questions

  • Performance improvements will make matching questions more stable while functionality improvements will make creating and editing matching questions more user friendly.

    • Click here for more information about creating matching questions.