Set Syllabus Layout

BYU Learning Suite provides instructors with the option to create a syllabus from within the Learning Suite interface. The interface allows instructors to customize the layout of the syllabus as it appears to students.


Step One:

Click on the Syllabus tab.



Step Two:

Click Layout.



Step Three:

In the Layout section, you can change the order in which sections will appear in your syllabus. To move a section or sub-section, click and hold the section title [1]. Drag and drop the section to the new location. You can change the order of sections within a category, move sections between categories, and rearrange the order of categories. Click the Pencil icon to edit the title of any syllabus sections or sub-sections. Click Save and Continue.

Note: This changes the way your syllabus looks when printed and in Student View. However, it will not change the order of the tabs in Instructor View.



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