Stand Alone Testing Center Exams

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to view statistics and responses for exams administered at the BYU Testing Center. Instructors can view this information regardless of if they have set up their course on Learning Suite or not.


Step One:

Log in to Learning Suite and click Testing Center Exams from the navigation menu on the left.


Step Two (optional):

The default landing page is the current semester. If you wish to view a previous semester’s test click Past*.

*Note: Only exams given from Spring Term 2015 and forward are available via Learning Suite. Access to older exam statistics is available until December 31, 2016. Please contact Larry Seawright at 2-8151 if you need access after that date.


Step Three:

Click the title of the course you want to view an exam for.

Step Four:

All tests scheduled at the Testing Center for that class appear. A graph icon appears next to the title of exams that have student test data available.

Click the graph icon for the test you want to download exam responses for.

Step Five:

A dialog window appears. The following table provides an explanation of the information available.

1 Lists the number of students who took the test and the total points possible. 
2 Provides summary statistics of the exam, including the mean score. 
3 Lists the range of scores for each quartile
4 Click on Export Student Answers to download a CSV file containing students' exam responses. 
5 Scroll down to view a bar graph of the Score Distribution



Questions? Contact the OIT Service Desk (801.422.4000,