This tutorial explains how to create and edit your course syllabus.


Do I have to use the Learning Suite syllabus? 

No, you can choose another option that fits your needs better. You may upload a file (Word, PDF, HTML) that you have already created, link to another website that contains your syllabus, or not include a syllabus at all. (Note that some departments require you to use an electronic syllabus.)


What are the advantages of using the Learning Suite syllabus? 

The Learning Suite syllabus gives your students easy access to the syllabus and allows them to see any changes made to the syllabus immediately. It allows you to easily update, edit, and copy from the syllabus semester to semester. Also, some of the information entered in the syllabus will be automatically integrated with other areas of Learning Suite, saving you time (e.g., when you enter information about assignments in the syllabus, it will automatically go to the gradebook and schedule and vice versa). It also gives you the option of going paperless.


How is the Learning Suite syllabus different from Syllabus Builder? 

Syllabus Builder is a stand-alone product, but the Learning Suite syllabus is integrated with the rest of Learning Suite (see question above). Most of the functionality is the same, with only a few differences: the LS syllabus only provides one layout option, whereas Syllabus Builder provides more; the LS syllabus allows you to select which sections of the syllabus to print whereas Syllabus Builder only prints the entire syllabus.


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