UAC Accommodation Letters

BYU Learning Suite allows primary instructors to view students who have received a University Accessibility Center (UAC) letter. This is represented by the UAC icon next to the students’ name:. If a primary instructor clicks this icon, the UAC letter will open.

The UAC icon is displayed in several locations of Learning Suite. These locations include:

  • Course Home > Users
  • Course Home > Groups
  • Digital Dialog > Groups
  • Exams > Exam Options
  • BYU Grades > Scores
  • BYU Grades > Grader
  • BYU Grades > Final Grades

Note: UAC icons will only appear on university courses because the data is drawn from the university’s database. This means Communities and Development courses will not display UAC icons.

The following steps will provide instruction on how to view the UAC icon on the Users page. However, anywhere that student’s name is displayed on the other pages, the UAC icon will be displayed.


Step One:

Log into your Learning Suite course and click Users from the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

Click the Display Students button under the Enrolled Students table.


Step Three:

If students with UAC are enrolled, the Show UAC option will be available. Click Show UAC.

The students with UAC accommodation letters will have a UAC icon next to their name. Click the UAC icon to view their accommodation letter. However, the letter can only be viewed by to whom the letter is addressed, which is typically primary instructors.

Note: The data is cached. This means that the UAC icon will appear in about a day after the letter is filed in the University Accessibility Center.



Step Four:

If desired, the ADA icon can be hidden again by clicking Hide UAC.

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