User Permissions

There are various types of users in BYU Learning Suite and in AIM, all with differing permissions. The following table outlines the different types of Learning Suite users, their equivalent roles in AIM, and what permissions they are granted in Learning Suite courses.

Listed in LS as: Listed in AIM as: Create Courses Delete Courses Copy Course Materials Enter Grades Submit Final Grades Add/Edit Users Add Learning Outcomes View Personal Files[1]
Primary Instructor Primary Instructor x x x x x x x x
Primary Instructor Supervisor x x x x x x x x
Co-Instructor Primary Instructor     x x x[2] x x  
Co-Instructor Team Instructor     x x x[2] x x  
Co-Instructor Supervisor     x x x[2] x x  
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant     x[3] x x[2]      
Teaching Assistant Grading Assistant     x[3] x x[2]      

[1] Viewing personal Files means that the user has access to all files that they uploaded to the Files area in Learning Suite for any course. All other users can still use Files but, for the course in question, only have access to upload the primary instructor’s files and anything added to Files will be added to the primary instructor’s Files area, rather than their personal files.

[2] Co-instructors and TAs can be added to a course using the Users page in Learning Suite. However, if users added on that page are not set up in AIM with the appropriate role they will not be able to submit final grades.

[3] Teaching Assistants can only copy exams. Additionally, they can only copy exams from the same course they are a TA for. For example, a BIO 100 TA can only copy exams from other BIO 100 courses.

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