View Statistics for an Individual Exam or Assignment

Students can view feedback left by instructors on BYU Learning Suite.

Note: Your instructor might have used GradeMark feature on Turnitin to communicate his/her feedback to you about your assignment. Click here to learn about using Turnitin with BYU Learning Suite.


Step One:

Click on a Course Title to open a course.



Step Two:

Click on Grades.



The Assignments tab is the homepage for Grades.



Step Three:

Click on the Graph icon. If you cannot click on this icon, your instructor may have disabled the statistics feature in Learning Suite.


Step Four:

A statistics dialog window appears. View your score, the percentile you fall in, the class high, average, and low scores [1], and a graph of scores [2]. The column your score falls in appears in red. Hover over individual bars in the bar graph to view how many students scored in each range. 


Step Five:

Click Close to return to Grades.



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