Workaround for Adding Collaborative Instructors

BYU Learning Suite does not currently support an admin role that would allow an instructor to give ‘viewing’ rights to another instructor (or anyone with a BYU Net ID). However, there is a viable workaround. We recommend adding the user in question as a co-instructor or TA and then hiding them from students.

Note: Any instructor or TA can be hidden from students. Other instructors will see hidden instructors or TAs in the Syllabus and Email tabs, but not in Messages.


Step One:

Log into your Learning Suite course and select Users from the Course Home navigation menu.


Step Two:

Select + New Instructor to add a user as a co-instructor. Or select + New TA to add a user as a TA.


Step Three:

A dialog window appears. Enter the user’s last name or Net ID. We recommend using their Net ID because it is unique. Click Search when finished.

Note: The user will have the same rights as normal co-instructors or TAs so be selective with who is added to your course.


Step Four:

A dialog window appears. View the user’s name and Net ID [1]. Check the box next to Hide this TA/Co-Instructor from students [2]. Click Save [3].


Step Five:

View the added user in the appropriate section, Instructors or TAs. Note that there is a Yes in the Hidden column. This signals that the user is hidden from students in the course. Students will not view hidden users in Syllabus, Email, or Messages.


Step Six:

The user can be deleted at any time by clicking the trash can icon located to the right of the user’s information.

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